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About Me

One thing I learned growing up was that making new starts is difficult but so worth it! I also learned I love being a Vermonter! I have lived my whole life in Vermont. In fact, I have lived in eight different towns and cities in our great state! By the time I went to High School I was entering my fifth different school. This meant that I almost always felt like I was catching up, and honestly, often felt a little "dumb". Luckily there were some good teachers that helped me realize that I am not dumb. It turned out that I just needed to learn the things I was missing. Although this took a lot of time and hard work, the kid who sometimes had a hard time in school is now a teacher himself!

As a teacher, I know that we can all achieve just about anything we want. We just need to learn the things we are missing. That’s why I am most excited when students are working hard at gradually strengthening the skills and key ideas that will help them succeed! 

When I am not teaching, I love hanging out with my kids, Ella and Bode(n). My favorite activities are playing basketball, soccer, golf, and skiing. I also enjoy going on adventures in nature, and coaching the boys' soccer team at Mt. Abe!