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The 5 Town 5

We believe it is the obligation of every individual to encourage and respect the right to learn and to work in a peaceful environment. These expectations create a learning community where all students can be successful. In addition, the 5 Town 5 is the skill set that our students will need for their post-high school jobs, careers, and future education.

H.E.A.R.T. is our school wide focus on attitudes and behaviors that create successful learning environments. Students, faculty, staff, and administration are expected to meet the expectations of HEART.

H= Honest; our task as individuals in the Mt. Abe community is to be honest and truthful in all we do.

E= Engaged; we will approach our education with focus and motivation in order to actively participate in our learning process.

A= Appropriate; we will conduct ourselves in an appropriate manner in classrooms, hallways, common areas, and at school activities.

R= Responsible; we all are responsible for our learning environment, including attending school each day, being prepared for each class, taking care to respect each other, and owning our mistakes in a responsible, mature manner.

T= Timely; we will be on time for our commitments.

In following HEART, we create a positive learning environment for our whole community of learners. A positive school climate is key to successful learning.