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Proficiencies: (4 proficiency credits of Literacy are expected to attain proficiency)

Literacy (evidence of proficiency required in all areas at intermediate benchmark)


Student comprehends, interprets, analyzes, and evaluates a wide range and level of complex literary and informational texts.


Student produces clear, coherent writing for a range of purposes and audiences, including both short and sustained research projects.

Speaking and Listening 

Student expresses ideas clearly and persuasively, presents information and supporting evidence to convey a distinct perspective, and initiates and participates in discussions, responding thoughtfully to diverse points of view.


Student demonstrates command of the conventions of standard English syntax, grammar, usage and mechanics when writing or speaking, incorporating knowledge of domain specific words and phrases, and showing independence in gathering vocabulary knowledge.

Course Offerings:

Yearly Offerings

Alternating Year Offerings (20-21)

Alternating Year Offerings (21-22)

*English 9 A and B (year course)

Creative Nonfiction (9-12)

Page to Screen (10-12)

*English 10 A and B (year course)

Discovering Drama and Literature in Writing (9-12)

World Literature (10-12)

Creative Writing (9-12)

Shakespeare (10-12)

Contemporary Literature (11-12)

Journalism (9-12)

Mythology & Alternate Traditions (11-12)

Introduction to Philosophy (11-12)

Turn the Page (9-12)

Society and the Human Condition (11-12)

Reading, Writing, and Working in the Wilderness (11-12)

Composition and Language (10-12)

AP Literature and Composition A and B (11-12: year course)

Science Fiction (11-12)

Media Literacy (10-12)


AP Language and Composition A and B (11-12: year course)

American Studies: English A and B (11-12: full year course)


Guided Learning Opportunity (GLO) English (10-12)


Independent Learning Opportunity (ILO) English (9-12)


VHS English


Dual Enrollment English


*required course