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Proficiencies (3 proficiency credits of Science is expected to attain proficiency):

Science (Inquiry & Content Knowledge) (evidence of proficiency required at the intermediate benchmark for all areas)

Physical Sciences

Student recognizes and analyzes matter, reactions, energy, characteristics of waves and physical systems.

Life Sciences

Student recognizes and analyzes molecular, structural, and chemical biology; the characteristics, functions, and behavioral interactions within an ecosystem and genetics, adaptation, and biodiversity.

Earth & Space Sciences

Student recognizes and analyzes Earth’s systems and the origins, interactions and relationships between and among the Earth, our solar system and the universe.

Scientific Inquiry

Student engages in scientific investigations through the disciplinary core ideas using inquiry practices.

Course Offerings:

Yearly Offerings

Alternating Year Offerings


Alternating Year Offerings (24-25)

*Earth Science A & B

(9: full year course)

Vermont Ecology


Biology of Foods: From Farm to Plate (10-12)

*Biology A & B

(9-12: year course)

ENVR SCI: Human and Nature (10-12)

Astronomy (10-12)

Physics 1A & 1B

(10-12: year course)

ENVR SCI: Energy, Pollution and Climate Change (10-12)

Vermont Ecology (10-12)

Chemistry 1A & 1B

(10-12: year course)

Forensic Science (10-12)

Human Anatomy and Physiology (10-12)

Science: An Investigative Approach (10-12)


AP Biology A & B + Lab A & B (11-12)


Guided Learning Opportunity (GLO) Science A & B (9-12)


Independent Learning Opportunity (ILO) Science A & B  (9-12)


VHS Science


Dual Enrollment Science